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App Name Zooba
Genre Action Games
Developer Wildlife Studios
Size 197 MB
Latest Version V4.26.0
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Update December 17, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Zooba

Winner winner, chicken dinner! Battle royale is one of the most popular game types recently, and Zooba is an interesting one of these popular battle royale games. Players will be transformed into zoo animals to participate in an interesting battle royale in order to resist zoo administrators. The only animal survivor will be the winner of the match, so go eliminate other competitors and be the only one to survive!


Introduction to Zooba


An interesting battle royale in a zoo!


If you have ever played some battle royale games like Apex Legends or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, you may have interest in Zooba. Zooba belongs to battle royale games, but it offers players a completely different feel. If you are interested in battle royale genres, definitely you should give Zooba a try.


What will rebellious animals do in the zoo?


In Zooba, you will play as one of the animals in the national zoo, not a fighter like other battle royale games only more. Players have to defeat other animal competitors and eliminate the zoo-keeper in the end to achieve the target: To be the king of the entire zoo. After managing to become the king of the entire zoo, you are going to achieve the ultimate target of this game, that is, dominate the food chain and the destiny of the everything in the national zoo.


The entire style of Zooba is designed very interesting and the shape of the animal characters is not only cute but brave, which is a little different form those cartoon games you have ever known before. As an interesting online battle royale game, the animal characters are designed to have unique weapons with their own combat style. From the virtual buttons set on the left and right sides of your screen, you can navigate, switch between different weapons to finish your targets. Sorts of new items can be unlocked by players and players can also upgrade their weapons into more advanced ones.


Zooba provides players with a battleground that ensures up to 45 players to combat at the same time. In spite of traditional battle royale mode, Zooba also offers some other game modes for players to experience. No matter which mode you play, the ultimate goal that to control the entire zoo won’t change.


Upgrade your animal fighters


Zooba offers more than 20 types of animal for players to experience the fun of animal transformation. Different species with different strengths, weaknesses, mobility and weaponry. By utilizing these characteristics, combined with the weapons that appear alternately in battleground, and your excellent defensive and offensive tactics, you will defeat competitors one after another and ultimately win the championship.


New items or advance items not only can be unlocked by continuous fighting, but also can be unlocked by collecting valuable items. Many equipment can be upgraded, armor, helmets, backpacks are included, so go collect more items to make your animal characters more powerful and beautiful.


Players will find many interesting aspects of the animal characters. The experience will be enriched when players choosing different species. No need to mention that when equipped with each different weapon, your combat style will be also enriched. Attack aggressively or patiently wait for the opportunities for stealth killing. Multiple strategies for players to choose freely, just choose a suitable one to achieve your targets.


With cute and interesting style, the animal characters in Zooba will leave a deep impression on you. These animal characters can express themselves by different ways, and you can experience their cute expression when encountering competitors, when winning the champion or losing the battle. These interesting face will add more fun when participating intense combat.


PVP online


Like other battle royale games, you can also invite your friends to form a squad to play Zooba together online. More friends, more fun!


Besides, you can choose to form a team with random online players, go win the champion and achieve the ultimate goal of dominating the entire zoo.


Last but not least, Zooba offers weekly special events for players to get more special items that only can be collected during the special events. With these special items, you will get more advantages when facing competitors.


Download Zooba APK & MOD for Android now


Zooba is one of the battle royale games which is very popular around the world recently. If you feel bored from these traditional battle royale games, how about trying this special battle royale game with interesting and cute animals elements?

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