Zoo Park Story mod V1.1.6 Unlimited Money

Zoo Park Story
App Name Zoo Park Story
Genre Simulation Games
Developer Kairosoft
Size 54 MB
Latest Version V1.1.6
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 17, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Zoo Park Story

The publisher Kairosoft’s new simulation game Zoo Park Story has been released, and the player will become a manager of a Zoo and try to run this Zoo in the city. The goal of this game is to make your Zoo one of the popular destinations that attracts many tourists every day. To achieve that goal, players have to make efforts to make some potential development strategies for your Zoo.


Introduction to Zoo Park Story


Zoo simulation


Yes, Zoo Park Story created by Kairosoft is still made up of the familiar pixel art blocks. With the top-down perspective, Zoo Park Story allows players to observe, allocate, and comprehensively manage the Zoo easily.

Zoo Park Story

Don’t be worry if you doubt whether pixel art can make the animal subtle enough. In Zoo Park Story, animal species, numbers, color, body shape, size ratio, shape characteristics, etc. All of the information can be seen clearly in detail. People, vehicles, trees, and service in the Zoo are also vividly detailed. All of this can be achieved by pixel art. Besides, Kairosoft has enough experiences in creating excellent pixel simulation games, so don’t worry.


Collect different animals for your Zoo


In my opinion, the most attractive point of a famous Zoo lies in the abundant animal population and species. In order to make your Zoo more attractive, you have to make efforts, time and money to collect more animals to your Zoo.


From deserted highlands to African jungles, to dangerous swamps, sorts of animals with suitable characteristics can be discovered, just go bring them back, raised them in your Zoo.


Different strategies

Some players prefer to look for and collect those common animals that all most everyone knows and has seen. By doing so, the cost of the Zoo can be decreased, but the attractiveness will be not significant in return. Some other players prefer to spend a huge amount of time and money on collecting these extremely rare animals. Although this method is both expensive and time-consuming, it can be work to increase the attractiveness of your Zoo in return.


Extract enough initial investment to collect rare animals from around the world. Players will be more likely to get potential to attract tourists in the future on condition that choosing some rare species wisely to the Zoo.

Zoo Park Story

Players should conduct the process of collecting animals for their Zoo step by step, and thinking about the later management and development of the Zoo in the future at the same time. Besides, remember to readjust your animals choosing plan according to the reception from visitors.


Go open up your Zoo


With enough quantity and species of animals in your hand, the infrastructure of your Zoo is taking shape gradually, and now it is time to open up your Zoo. Then, it is time to enjoy observing the reactions of visitors in your Zoo. By doing so, you can get enough feedback from visitors and continue to make some appropriate adjustments in order to run your Zoo better.


Animal and plant care plan


Although those animals are originally wildlife, they still need proper care and attention. As the Zoo manager in the Zoo Park Story, players should build fences and cages of appropriate size for each wildlife. Players should make it clear that each species has different living habits: some animals should be set alone, and some other should be set in groups. Every aspect of your Zoo and your animals should be paid attention and efforts. Accommodation, food&water, sanitation, etc. In order to run your Zoo smoothly, plenty of efforts should be made.


The entire flora growing in the Zoo is important too, and needs the same care. With a healthy flora system, the whole Zoo will be covered by green shade, providing food and living space to your animals.


Improving the infrastructure of Zoo


With your efforts, your Zoo has quickly gotten a good reputation, and more and more tourists are willing to visit your Zoo, bringing lots of profits. Now it is time to improve and expand your Zoo. Players can build more benches along the road for tourists to relax, or design some monumental constructions to increase the beauty of the Zoo. Furthermore, with more and more visitors in the Zoo, more bathrooms and sorts of stores should be built to bring more convenience and profits.

Zoo Park Story

Manage your profits


The satisfying index of your Zoo is increasing quickly, and the popularity of your Zoo is also increasing quickly. As a result, profits increased. Therefore, Mr. Manger, you should arrange the profits reasonably. To collect more animals, or hire more Zookeepers, or improve the living standard of your animals. All of these are depending on your decision.


If you run your Zoo smoothly, the ultimate goal of Zoo Park Story will be achieved soon, that is, to become the most popular Zoo.


Download Zoo Park Story APK & MOD for Android now


Zoo Park Story is a great simulation game suitable for animal enthusiasts who are dreaming about to have a famous Zoo across the country and even the entire region. Many management details were omitted in the game, focusing on animal collection, infrastructure development, and micro management of the Zoo. If you want to experience this and achieve that great goal, just download it now!

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