Zoo Life: Animal Park Game mod V2.5.3 Unlimited Money

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game
App Name Zoo Life: Animal Park Game
Genre Simulation Games
Developer Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
Size 162 MB
Latest Version V2.5.3
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 17, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is a zoo management simulation game that provides you with an exciting experience of building and managing a zoo in the city. This game is produced by Sparkling Society, a mobile gaming company specializing in city building genres. Therefore, I am sure Zoo Life: Animal Park Game won’t disappoint you.




Build your zoo


In Zoo Life: Animal Park Game, you will play the role of a zoo manager in the big city. Taking care of the animals in the zoo, managing income, costs, and profits, hiring zookeepers, and making plans to attract more visitors, etc. Every aspect of your zoo depends on your decision, and your ultimate goal is, attracting more and more tourists to your zoo.

Zoo Life Animal Park Game

As a zoo manager, you have plenty of things to be considered, many roles to be acted, and plenty of decisions to make. Therefore, you will always be busy dealing with things about your zoo. In return ,you will get lots of rewards. Get ready to be busy dealing with those issues.


As I mentioned above, your dream zoo can be created by your own hands. You can collect animals and take care of them in the way you want. Or you can discover beautiful rare animals that only can be found in books or TVs, and bring them back to your zoo. In addition, the infrastructure of the zoo will be built on your decisions. Every aspect of the zoo is under your control.


Another shining point of Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is, players can play the game offline or without any internet connection, which makes the game easier to access than other simulation games. Players can play the game anytime they want, or continue unfinished game anytime, anywhere.


With rare animals


In order to make your zoo more valuable and attract more visitors to your zoo, you should own a collection of rare animal species from all over the world.


Players will have opportunities to explore sorts of wildlife species in the game world of Zoo Life: Animal Park Game. From Arctic to the jungles of Africa. A card-collection challenge has to be completed by the players before collecting animals. Then it is time to capture the strangest animals on the Earth, you must dive, fly, or run fast to get more rare animals. You will have opportunities to have sorts of rare wild animals, including polar bears, rhinoceroses, gorillas, giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, crocodiles, lions and so on. With multiple animal species, your zoo will be more and more popular day by day.

Zoo Life Animal Park Game

Bringing new rare animals to your zoo is definitely not the end. After bringing them to your zoo, you also have to take care of them in order to make their status to be a good standard. The way of taking care of diversifies when facing different animals. Some animal species should be set alone, while some other species should be set in groups. Every detail needs players to make great efforts to do so.


Upgrade and unlock items


Players will encounter sorts of upgrade options after working actively for a period of time. If you want to unlock new features to collect more animal species, unlock new areas to expand your zoo, or add decorations and equipment to renovate the zoo's infrastructure including benches, restaurants, bathrooms, stores, you have to choose to upgrade.


Decide carefully when you unlock items as the number of unlocks is limited. According to the demand of your visitors, choose items to be unlocked wisely. Sometime your visitors want to see rare animals in a modern equipment, sometimes they want to see more flowers and plants in a beautiful garden. During the game time, urgent need will be set, and players have to make some decisions quickly to satisfy the urgent need.


Excellent design


In addition, the graphics design is also a shining point of Zoo Life: Animal Park Game. Seeing cute animals moving rhythmically in the zoo and decorating the area according to your own thoughts, Zoo Life: Animal Park Game can give you a good game experience.


To run a zoo well is challenging


After getting enough reputation and popularity, your zoo will attract more visitors and get more profits. Players can choose to hire more staff or collect more animals in order to run the zoo smoothly.

Zoo Life Animal Park Game

Every detail needs to be carefully considered to make sure reasonable income and costs of your zoo, including who to hire, what role to play, how much to pay, and how to attract tourists. Unexpected situations or future plans also need to be prepared.




Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is a interesting zoo simulation game with excellent design, cute theme, and a little difficulty. If you are a zoo simulation enthusiast, you should give it a try!

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