Zombies.io mod 2.1.2 Unlocked

App Name Zombies.io
Genre Action Games
Developer KolaFun
Size 35 MB
Latest Version 2.1.2
Mod info Unlocked
Update December 17, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Zombies.io

Zombies.io is a crazy fast-paced zombie shooting game which offers players a chaotic battlefield full of fun from the beginning. You will immerse yourself in the colors, lights and sparks emanating from the robotic weapon arm of the character you are playing.




Background setting


It is a pixel art game with rogue-like features. The background setting is that your home is seriously threatened by unknown zombies. They swarmed in, increasing in number and becoming increasingly fierce. They spread quickly and are going to rule the whole earth. In order to eliminate the zombie army, people invented an killing machine that is going to make humanity continue when all hope is shattered. Yes, that is you.


In Zombies.io, you will play the role of a mechanical superhero with outstanding combat abilities, with the results of outstanding civilization and advance technology, a total killing machine armed with heavy armor and mechanical body. Your only mission is to eliminate these fierce zombies.




Unlike those traditional zombie survival shooting games, Zombies.io is a little different with the similar style of some arcade spaceship shooting games. It is set in a top-down perspective, with the protagonist set in the middle of screen. Besides, this game also has some features of rogue-like games.


Therefore, you can experience a lot of fun from this special zombie survival shooting games. Absorbing the strengths of various games, this game will undoubtedly bring a better experience.


To begin with, you are going to choose your character from a group of heroes available, and then choose your weapons and random skills. Think carefully, different heroes have different abilities and combat styles, also, different weapons and skills can bring different effects. You should consider how to combine these three aspects into a superior structure that easy for you to make sorts of combos to eliminate waves of zombies with high efficiency.


Besides, excellent positioning is also an important principle contributes to victory. Keep your eyes on the screen, you can observe that the formation of hostile zombie army is changing all the time. According to the types and quantities of every position, you should seize the chance to penetrate trough the zombie waves. That will make your combat easier.


However, after playing for a long time and you may have had some legendary weapons just like a mechanical arm with extreme firepower. In the situation like this, you can open your fire as you want. No strategy can be better than the strength with extreme enough firepower. No one can stand up in the face of such horrible firepower, including the fierce walking dead.


But in most of cases, you still need to make your strategies in your mind quickly according to the formation of zombie army ahead. No matter what strategy, ultimately being able to eliminate the enemy and break out of the encirclement is a good strategy. According to the always changing formation of hostile zombies. You should make your choice in the shortest time.


Just like the setting of other zombie survival shooting games, Zombies.io provides a variety of weapons and gears for players to unlock or upgrade. With solid armor, powerful firearms, and advance mechanical arms, the difficulty of surviving in the waves of fierce zombie army will be decreased a lot making it more possible to rebuild the world of humanity.




Zombies.io is a great zombie survival shooting game that has many attractive elements. In the face of a large number of fierce zombies, your ability of strategical thinking and decision-making will be tested. If you are interested in this game, come download it now and show your skills.

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