Zombie Simulator Z mod V3.9.1 Unlocked

Zombie Simulator Z
App Name Zombie Simulator Z
Genre Simulation Games
Developer GorillaGamesStudio
Size 80 MB
Latest Version V3.9.1
Mod info Unlocked
Update December 06, 2023 (3 months ago)

Description of Zombie Simulator Z

Table of Contents:

Zombie Simulator Z is an unique zombie hazard simulator which will take players to experience zombie apocalypses created by their own. With smooth pixel art graphics and excellent audio systems, Zombie Simulator Z can provide opportunities for you to experience a pristine, quality zombie atmosphere.




You may have heard of a lot of 3D zombie survival shooting games with multiple gameplay, but have you ever heard of a 2D pixel zombie simulation game with classic arcade feature? With the help of pure and nostalgic 2D arcade design, Zombie Simulator Z has enters the market of zombie themed games and going to prove its capability of be popular around the world.

Zombie Simulator Z

Zombie Simulator Z utilizes imagination and originality to create the most intense battle between humans and zombies. Whether attempting to occupy prisons with a group of zombies or protecting hospitals from a group of savage zombie dogs. Zombie Simulator Z is your zombie simulator playground, and over time, this game will provide you with all the tools to create unlimited opportunities to satisfy your zombie experience.




The gameplay of Zombie Simulator Z is very simple, as Zombie Simulator Z uses a top-down perspective to successfully recreate the typical arcade atmosphere of the 1990s, which will once again bringing surprises to players. From the perspective of God, players can clearly and easily observe how the world they have created has developed step by step.


Zombie Simulator Z is designed with level system, and in each level, there is always a mission set there need you to complete. In some cases, your mission will be rescuing some survivors surrounded by waves and waves zombies. In some other cases, your mission may be destroying a facility with zombie waves controlled by you. Lots of levels mean lots of missions, and lots of missions mean lots of situations that players will experience in this zombie apocalypses simulation game.

Zombie Simulator Z

With time going by and after pass a certain number of levels, the zombies in the simulation world will become more and more fierce, making it more difficult for players to finish sorts of missions. But don’t worry, as these survivors kill more zombies, some valuable items will be dropped form these zombies, including coins and some other important items. Take advantages of these important items, and you can increase the health, stamina, and speed of your survivors. With the help of these dropped valuable items, the resistance capability of human survivors will be increased to a new standard that make the simulation game more interesting and exciting.


Another unique point of Zombie Simulator Z that is worth mentioning is its 2D pixel style. Although Zombie Simulator Z is a 2d pixel style game with some arcade features, it is still capable of reflecting this apocalyptic world vividly enough. However, there are also some shortcomings of this game compared with these excellent master piece of the same genres. For example, compared with some other arcade games, the colors of Zombie Simulator Z are not bright and vibrant enough to show this apocalyptic world more detailed. But every thing always has some advantages and also disadvantages, so please accept some small shortcomings of this game and wait for new updates in the future.

Zombie Simulator Z



Combined with smooth pixel art graphics and excellent audio systems, Zombie Simulator Z is an unique zombie hazard simulator which will take players to experience zombie apocalypses created by their own. It not only has some shining points, but also some shortcomings. For those players who want to truly experience the zombie apocalyptic hazards in the perspective of god, this game shouldn’t be overlooked.

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