Zombie Offroad Safari mod V1.2.6 Unlimited Gems

Zombie Offroad Safari
App Name Zombie Offroad Safari
Genre Action Games
Developer DogByte Games
Size 65 MB
Latest Version V1.2.6
Mod info Unlimited Gems
Update December 17, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Zombie Offroad Safari

Have you ever played some racing games? Or have you ever played some off-road racing games? Today I am going to introduce you an interesting off-road action racing game which has some different features named Zombie Offroad Safari. Let’s read the game post as below:




Zombie Offroad Safari can provide an opportunity for players to drive their off-road vehicles to explore a post-apocalyptic world freely. There are sorts of cool vehicles for players to choose from, including 4-wheel cars, 4-wheel trucks and 6-wheel vehicles.

Zombie Offroad Safari

Background setting


According to the game setting, players are going to play the role of a survivor living in a post-apocalyptic world with terrifying zombies filled with everywhere. Yes, it is not safe outside. Therefore, there are a lot of powerful vehicles with heavy firepower for you to choose from to arm and defend yourself. With the help of these heavy beast with high firepower, it is no longer for you to worry about the threat of fierce zombies outside, allowing you to explore lots of locations and regions freely.




Compared with other racing games, the gameplay of Zombie Offroad Safari is more simple. You do not need to perform some of the stunts and accelerate your speed to the maxim like in other racing games. In the game Zombie Offroad Safari, what you only to do is exploring sorts of landscapes freely. Of cause, on your exploration way, there may be some situations will make you unhappy. As there are too many zombies filled with everywhere, in order to appreciate more beautiful landscapes, you have to kill these ugly zombies and break through the encirclement.

Zombie Offroad Safari

In the beginning, when you entering the post-apocalyptic world, you will be equipped with a basic vehicle. Go drive your vehicle and explore outside as much as possible. You can control your vehicle through buttons such as left and right, accelerator, and brake pedals, allowing you control the vehicle to move smoothly.


In addition, as this is a game of zombie theme, the health bar of your vehicle is an important factor. Therefore, you must be clear that the ways of avoiding zombies’ attack are diversified. In some cases, there is no need for you to alert those zombies who have not yet gone crazy. There are many ways to attack zombies, but only when you have weapons should you attack zombies. If you have no an weapon, just stay away those zombie groups.


Furthermore, it is important for us to focus on the vehicle customization system of Zombie Offroad Safari. As I mentioned above, there are multiple types of vehicles for you to choose from including 4-wheel cars, 4-wheel trucks and 6-wheel vehicles. Each type of them can be modified in lots of ways.


On your way to explore more beautiful landscapes, you can find various weapons and equipment dropped on the road, and as you approach them, these weapons and equipment will automatically be equipped in your vehicle. However, they can only shoot a certain number of bullets, and when the ammunition runs out, these weapons and equipment will disappear. Your task is to constantly search for enough weapons to ensure the healthy status of your vehicle. Because although you can kill enemies by colliding with them, your vehicle's health status will decrease, so try to avoid using such primitive methods to eliminate zombies.

Zombie Offroad Safari



All in all, Zombie Offroad Safari is an interesting racing game with exciting zombie survival theme and action feature, highly customizable weapon and vehicle system, and casual gameplay. It is good choice for those players who want to explore a post-apocalyptic world in an interesting way.

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