Zinitevi mod V1.5.0 Official

App Name Zinitevi
Genre Entertainment Apps
Developer ZiniTevi
Size 19M
Latest Version V1.5.0
Mod info Official
Update December 27, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Zinitevi

Zinitevi is a TV channel where you can watch most of the TV programs. If you like to watch TV programs but have limited time to watch TV, then you can use all the features on this software and this software will ensure you get the best viewing experience.



This is a software with high-quality TV program channels. You can search for the name of your favorite TV program and you can directly search for the corresponding TV program.

You can search for TV shows, movies, trailers, etc. that interest you in Zinitevi. And the content on this software is provided to you for free. You can choose to watch it directly or download the video to your mobile device. The compatibility of this application is good, and you can search for relevant TV programs on a variety of multimedia.


Acquire All TV Shows

When you choose to use this application, you can watch high-definition quality TV content and watch newly released movies, and you can manually adjust the picture quality. In addition, this application provides you with a standardized list order, so you can find the TV shows you want to watch in a short time. You can also set the order of TV shows or movies yourself and collect them in the list.

This makes it easier for you to check at any time. When you browse TV programs, the platform will choose to record your personal preferences and recommend similar programs to you. At the same time, the platform will be updated every day and will provide you with the latest programs so that you can watch all TV channels simultaneously.

Keep Unique Features of Zinitevi 

There are many reasons why this app is hot. The first is that this software has very rich resources, and there are a variety of program types for you to search. You can watch any of these shows on this platform. You can choose to add your favorite TV or movies to your personal download list, so that you can always check whether the latest TV or movie programs have been successfully updated, and you can watch your favorite programs simultaneously. In addition, this software is a software that covers multiple languages.

When users from different countries watch their favorite programs, they can manually change the language to their own mother tongue. This method of adding subtitles will speed up TV series or movies. dissemination because users will not have language restrictions. Users can download the TV programs they want to watch in advance when the network is poor, so that they can be watched offline.

Other Key Features

The transmission method of this software is streaming transmission. It has high-definition offline network resources, allowing users to download and watch TV programs at any time, and supports different devices to download programs. The software will automatically update your viewing progress so that you can directly lock in the next episode when you watch it next time. This will save you the time of recalling which part you saw. At the same time, this platform has multiple subtitle options that you can set according to your own language habits.


Download Zinitevi App Now!

If you have a habit of watching TV or movies,you should try to download the application,which is a good platform.You can obtain many kinds of telegrams from all over the world.Meanwhile,here are some excellent viewing pictures.You can decide which language to use with a good sound quality.Now don’t hesitate to download the software and use it.


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