ZArchiver Pro mod V1.0.8 Pro Unlocked

ZArchiver Pro
App Name ZArchiver Pro
Genre Utilities Apps
Developer ZDevs
Size 5MB
Latest Version V1.0.8
Mod info Pro Unlocked
Update December 27, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of ZArchiver Pro

ZArchiver Pro is an application especially suitable for working with files. This software is also suitable for users' mobile phones. This application has a variety of functions for working with files. If you are usually busy processing various files, then you can choose this application, which will help you complete your daily work tasks better.

ZArchiver Pro


ZArchiver Pro is an excellent file management application that will assist you in completing your work tasks better. You won't have to worry about how to handle files while working.

Zarchiver's current user downloads have exceeded 100 million times, which is enough to confirm the popularity of this software. In the traditional file mode, users usually need to decompress to see Zip, RAR and other files, so this will be very inconvenient. And only the user's computer can decompress these files.

So for Android users, they will not be able to directly decompress files when processing files, which will not be conducive to them directly processing files. This application just makes up for this shortcoming. It can help users directly decompress files so that users can view the files, which can help users improve work efficiency.

ZArchiver Pro

Zarchiver and Zarchiver Pro are two different types of compression and extraction applications, and users can choose either one based on their personal needs. The two usage modes can be switched at will.

 If users want to experience the professional version, they can choose to pay, so that they can use the relevant functions in the paid version. No matter which mode is chosen, it is the user's decision, which will provide the user with sufficient permissions to use.


Compressed Files

Zarchiver Pro is updated and created based on previous versions. Users can compare the differences between the two applications, which will help users have a new understanding of the updated functions of Zarchiver Pro. Zarchiver agrees to use different compressed files, and users can choose any format among them. After the user decides which files need to be decompressed, the software will synchronize the corresponding locked folders for decompression.

In your Settings Management Center, you can choose to turn on or off automatic access to your device. In addition, developers will still support users even if they choose to support files with fewer formats. No matter which program it is, users can decide for themselves, and users have independent permissions to use it.

Optimize Storage File

Unlike previous versions of the compressor, ZArchiver Pro supports users to set personal passwords. In this way, users can protect their personal privacy. This application focuses on the user experience and specially designs reasonable and considerate services for users.

Support Preview Function

This software has developed new features so that users can use the file preview function regardless of whether they are using a computer or Android. This feature will save users the time spent downloading files and allow users to directly understand the content.

Especially when users need to process a large number of files every day, the preview function allows users to directly understand the content of the files. This method is convenient, efficient and saves time.

Allow Users to Alter File Name Characters

Users can use single threads and channels in the device. If you have muti-thread, the running speed of your device will be greatly improved, which will help you complete your work more efficiently. In addition, users can change characters in data or files, provided that your browser supports UTF-8 and UTF-16 operation. This modification function is also one of the advantages of this software.

The Function of Cloud Space

This application supports users with backup, move, cut and other functions. All files will be automatically uploaded to cloud storage to ensure that users’ usage data will not be lost.

ZArchiver Pro

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The compression function of Zarchiver is supported and loved by most users. Users will be able to enjoy all the features of this software to the greatest extent.

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