Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant mod V2.2-play PAID Full

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant
App Name Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant
Genre Educational Games
Developer Toca Boca
Size 82M
Latest Version V2.2-play
Mod info PAID Full
Update February 10, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

        Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant is a game that is related to the making of sushi. Do you like it? Yeah, many people have the habit of eating sushi. Particularly, in Japan. You know that the making of sushi is very popular in Japan. Sushi is like a traditional food in Japan. Based on extricate production methods, sushi really attracts a lot of people to make and buy it.

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

Introduction of Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

        Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant is an interesting game for people to feel the process of making sushi. It is like that you are a professional sushi maker. In order to make sushi that satisfies customers’ expectations, therefore, each selection of food ingredients is detailed so that you can choose suitable food material. During the making process, you had better have a taste so that you can know what it tastes like. It is beneficial for you to make an adjustment to the ingredients.

        Having a unique experience about making sushi, is a relaxed process for people. In fact, you will indulge in the making process. In order to improve your food preparation technique. Gamers can take customer’s advice.

        Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant is a game that belongs to the service industry. If gamers want to play the game with a good result. Serving their customers is crucial for gamers based on their game experience. In Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant, gamers have a double role, they can play as a customer or play as a pro chef. Different roles have certain tasks, therefore, gamers can perfectly finish their game tasks.

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

Features of Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant


        In Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant, the design of the sushi is decided by gamers. It means that gamers can use their own idea and creativity to think about how to make delicious sushi that can satisfy their customers.

        Let’s talk about the selection of sea ingredients and vegetables, for instance, tuna, squid, salmon, shrimp, tofu, potato, tomato, etc. Various ingredients are crucial for gamers to design delicious recipes. Meanwhile, if gamers have skilled knife skills, they can cut vegetables deftly. For example, cutting tofu will test the knife for gamers. Food combination is also required because if the color is monotonous, there is no one wants to have a taste of the sushi. However, if you pay attention to the food color matching, therefore you will understand that color matching increases appetite, which can appeal to many customers in your restaurant. Your restaurant business can develop well under your careful management.

        After you have prepared the food ingredients, the next step is to roll everything on the rolling mat, therefore, by merging different ingredients into the food, you can roll different types of food, such as giant burritos, kimbap, etc. The last step is to add some decorations to the sushi so that the food looks delicious, which is a bright spot that can attract many people to buy the sushi.

        For the sake of improving service quality, it is necessary for you to observe the facial expressions of customers when they eat food. Their facial expression has already shown everything about their direct reaction to the food. If you can receive customer’s suggestions so that you can adjust your plan to create delicious food.

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

Download Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant Right Now!

        Through Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant, gamers can experience how to make delicious sushi. If you often eat sushi, then you may know how to make it. For the sake of making delicious sushi, there are a lot of preparation tasks for gamers. Purchasing suitable ingredients is a crucial task for gamers. You know that if gamers are uninterested in food ingredients, therefore, they will never buy it.Let’s download Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant now! 

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