Silly Wisher mod V0.35 Unlimited Money

Silly Wisher
App Name Silly Wisher
Genre Casual Games
Developer sketchi
Size 72 MB
Latest Version V0.35
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update February 12, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Silly Wisher

         Silly Wisher is a game. In Silly Wisher, gamers can stay in a silly world. It is like everything is simple and normal, there are no complicated things for gamers. They can finish anything if they like. Silly Wisher has more than hundreds of characters, therefore, gamers can choose one favorite character, and then they can play one role as their favorite character. The purpose of gamers is to combat monsters. If gamers win the game, therefore, they can receive certain rewards in Silly Wisher.

 Silly Wisher

Introduction of Silly Wisher 

         Silly Wisher is different from other games. Because in Silly Wisher, those characters are created with silly and stupid characters, therefore, if you access different characters. You will feel interesting and funny for the character. As long as you see the character, you will be amused by it.

         In addition, due to Silly Wisher possesses funny graphics, lively sound, an interesting storyline, etc. Therefore, it attracts a lot of people’s attention. Based on its 2D graphic platform, the game is created with normal features.

 Silly Wisher

Features of Silly Wisher 


         In Silly Wisher, it is not completely easy for gamers. Actually, gamers can see that there are some tasks for them. For example, in order to help Silly finish a task. Gamers had better unblock new items in the game so that they could obtain rewards. Meanwhile, gamers can observe that the game includes many mysterious puzzles, so they should solve those puzzles based on their ability to the maximum.

         Additionally, in the game, gamers will meet more than 200 levels of difficulty. So you know that if you want to make progress, therefore, you have to face those problems with courage and confidence. In addition, various characters have different tasks, therefore, gamers should finish some tasks according to the characteristics of their role. It means that gamers have different tasks, for instance, finding objects, solving puzzles, fighting monsters for rescuing people, etc. So as long as you solve those puzzles, you can obtain a certain bonus in the game.

         Because there are some powerful monsters, which causes that it is not easy for gamers to combat the monster. Gamers need some equipment so that they can defeat those monsters with powerful and useful weapons.

         The game allows gamers to customize their characters. For example, if they want their characters to become more unique and beautiful. The game can select suitable clothes, costumes, hairstyles, decorations, etc. All those features of the character are obvious. By designing typical features for your characters, the game will become more interesting and vivid. It is like you create a virtual character that is decorated with your ideas and creativity.

         Another feature of the game is that gamers have a right to go back to adjust their characters, it means that if gamers think the action of the character is not suitable, they can alter the action so that the character can show its powerful function to combat monsters. It is a flexible process for gamers to control their characters.

 Silly Wisher

Download Silly Wisher Right Now!

         In Silly Wisher, gamers can select one suitable character from the collection of characters. More importantly, because the setting of the game is flexible, gamers can control the time of the game so that they can correct some mistakes in time before monsters want to attack them. Although the game is related to monsters, actually when you play the game, it is filled with fun and pleasure, therefore, people can be satisfied with game settings. It is a joyful process for gamers to play the game. In order to feel the fun about the game, let’s download it now.

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