MX Player mod V1.79.1 Unlocked, AC3/DTS, No Ads

MX Player
App Name MX Player
Genre Video Players & Editors Apps
Developer MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Size 55M
Latest Version V1.79.1
Mod info Unlocked, AC3/DTS, No Ads
Update February 06, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

Description of MX Player

        MX Player is an extremely convenient app for everyone, especially, for those people who love to watch film, listen to music, watch videos, etc. MX Player provides users with an abundant resource that gathers all film resources, etc from all over the world. It is not difficult for users to appreciate different wonderful TV programs that come from various countries. I promise that if you download MX Player, your life will never be boring, because you can have a wonderful relax with the resource.

	MX Player

Introduction of MX Player  

        MX Player has a simple operation method, users can enjoy its all excellent resources without paying any costs. Actually, you can know that because users can easily master the use method of the app, therefore, most people decide to use it.

        MX Player really considers users’ watching requirements, therefore, people can use a simple click so that they can find those films easily. Considering about viewing experience, the app offers a high-definition service to people, there is no flaw for users. Ultra HD image quality service can be provided by the app.

        In fact, people can observe that the app has a series of wonderful services, therefore, users can flexibly utilize its features so that they can have a wonderful visual experience. Moreover, manual adjustment settings are easily operated by people. 

	MX Player

Features of MX Player 

Customize settings

        Through it, people have flexible use rights, which means that as long as they want to adjust something, it is easy for them to finish the task. For example, for the sake of providing a good visual experience, the app allows users can adjust the screen of the size, brightness, fonts, etc. Even the color of the font can be decided by users. So it is obvious for people that they can enjoy its all wonderful service.

Use subtitles

        In general condition, if people do not watch one type of film, actually, they do not know the accurate content and theme of the film, so it is difficult for people to know about the main topic of the film. However, the app is very useful, therefore, people can know about the main content of the film the first time when they see some subtitles, and it is extremely convenient for people to watch movie trailers.

The Lowest Performance

        It also considers battery saving for people. It means that people can observe the app is equipped with the lowest performance, therefore it can help people save their device’s battery. Through it, people can not only save battery but can enjoy high-quality service about the resource, because the app makes full use of the function of multi-core so that it can operate excellently.

The Function of Parental Control

        You know that it is an annoying situation for people. If there are always some interruptions when people watch films, it makes them feel angry. But as long as they choose the app, there is no similar problem for them. Because you know, it helps you block incoming calls and invalid content. Meanwhile, because the app has powerful compatibility, therefore, people can flexibly control their mobile phones and other devices when they watch some films or TV programs.

	MX Player

Download the MX Player App Now

        Based on the app has so many powerful and useful functions, people can watch any kind of resource, meanwhile MX Player also includes a series of templates, so people can not only use one traditional mode for some other apps, actually, through MX Player, they can enjoy all great and advanced features. It helps users have a good visual experience. Let’s download the app now.

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