Luminous mod V9.2 Paid for free

App Name Luminous
Genre Utilities Apps
Developer Mixified Pixel
Size 3 MB
Latest Version V9.2
Mod info Paid for free
Update February 05, 2024 (4 weeks ago)

Description of Luminous

        Luminous is an app for listening to music. It is used very convenient, so most people will support the use of Luminous. Meanwhile, Luminous has been equipped with many different functions, thereof it is quite free for people to employ Luminous for listening to music.


Introduction of Luminous

        You know that it may maybe boring for you to use one interface for a long time. The use of a black background for the interface is very common during people use one music player, therefore, visual fatigue about their interface often happens. Users can select one appropriate app for themselves so that they can be immersed in their music.

        In addition, there are a bunch of attractive interfaces for you, as long as you have downloaded Luminous. It means that if you want to customize some features of the app, which is allowable. There are enough user rights in the app. For example, if you like one singer, therefore, you can set your favorite pictures of the singer so that you can have a great visual effect. In fact, with the use of an app, there are a lot of features, Luminous proves that users can employ its function freely.


Features of Luminous 

The Selection of Colors

      When you use Luminous, the setting of colors is up to you. It means that users can choose their favorite colors to decorate the interface of the app, because users can automatically exchange their colors about the app, therefore, if they do not like one color, they can change it at any time.

        Most importantly, because users have noticed that if they can change the color of the background interface, they will never feel bored with the background. If one person can only use a black background, which is a quite dull setting for them. It will give you the right to choose one color from 36 different colors.

Large Library

        Through Luminous, you can listen to music that is provided by the app. Therefore, any kind of song can be found on the app. it is like a big library, that abundant songs as are provided by the app.

The Selection of Language

        By using the app, there is a variety of languages for you. For instance, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, etc. Users can decide on the selection of the language. Because they are familiar with some languages, they can choose one language that they are good at. The change of language is free and convenient for them.

Customize Font

        In the app, users have a right to customize the font. The setting of the title and lyrics is decided by you. So you can see that the app has included more than 28 fonts for you. As long as you like, you can choose any kind of font from the app. If you think the lyrics are too small, therefore, you can zoom in and zoom out the lyrics. So when you listen to one song, meanwhile you have the right to customize the color and size of the text.

        It is a flexible app for people. Everything can be altered by users. So most people will choose the Luminous. Because they have sufficient use rights about the app. So the music trip is comfortable and pleasant for them.


Download the Luminous App Now!

        Because users can freely utilize the function of the app. They can obtain a unique music experience. Meanwhile, it has a whole bunch of icon sets, so users can observe the use method of the app is extremely convenient. They do not spend too much time controlling those icons. Everything can be customized by users. 

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