4x4 Mania: SUV Racing mod V4.27.03 Speed Map

4x4 Mania: SUV Racing
App Name 4x4 Mania: SUV Racing
Genre Racing Games
Developer Limbersoft
Size 350M
Latest Version V4.27.03
Mod info Speed Map
Update December 17, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of 4x4 Mania: SUV Racing

Driving a highly-modified racing SUV in a mud or sand, and show your dominant control of all dangerous terrains, is the dream of almost every boy. Now I am recommending you the interesting and exciting racing game 4x4 Mania: SUV Racing, which can satisfy your reacing dream. In the game market today, there are many racing games focusing on the high speed. However, 4x4 Mania: SUV Racing is not too much focus on the speed, but the dominant control of terrains, you maneuver skills.


A brief introduction


4x4 Mania: SUV Racing is an exciting off-road truck game that provides players with the ultimate off-road experience and exciting driving pleasure. This game allows players to drive powerful highly-modified 4x4 off-road vehicles and challenge themselves in various rugged terrain and extreme environments to complete various tasks and races.


Sorts of vehicles to choose from


Firstly of all, 4x4 Mania: SUV Racing offers a variety of off-road vehicles for players to choose from. With multiple vehicle options, there is always one can meet your requirements.

4x4 Mania SUV Racing

From a range of powerful off-road vehicles players can freely choose their favorite one , each with these powerful beasts has its unique features and performance. Some of them have excellent climbing ability, and be able to climb steep hills and rugged terrain; Some other have excellent suspension and off-road capabilities, capable of crossing deserts, forests, and muddy roads. Players can choose suitable vehicles based on different terrains and mission requirements to experience different exciting races.


Sorts of challenges to be completed


Besides, 4x4 Mania: SUV also provides players with plenty of different missions and races to be challenged. Various racing competitions are offered for players to compete fiercely for the championship. Except of a variety of racing competition, 4x4 Mania: SUV also provides a lot of off-road missions, including cargo delivery and search and rescue missions. Players need to finish these missions within limited time, so the excellent maneuver capability is needed to complete these missions softly.


Customize your cars


In addition, 4x4 Mania: SUV also provides players with sorts of vehicle customizing options. Like other excellent racing games, this game also focuses a lot on player freedom and penalization, allowing players to make various personalized modifications and upgrades to their vehicles according to the performances and styles of these vehicles to enhance the performance and appearance of the vehicles. If you don’t know how to modify your vehicles to enhance the best performance, there are still some pre-modified vehicles in the game, the only thing you have to do is upgrade your levels to unlock them.

4x4 Mania SUV Racing

Multiple terrains to experience


The game provides a rich variety of off-road terrains and challenges. Players will challenge their maneuver skills and reaction abilities in various extreme environments. From rugged mountains and steep hills to muddy roads and sand dunes, each terrain places high demands on the player's driving skills. Players need to carefully choose the best route and driving strategy to cope with different terrain obstacles and challenges.


Join in the ranking mode


Just like other racing games, the popular rank mode has been set in this game. With plenty of players compete together, more and more driving skills have been invented and used in the competitions. However, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. With continuous practice and try, more and more players have ranked up, and more and more limits have been broken. Eyes on your scores on the rank board, and practice more, you will get what you want in the end.

4x4 Mania SUV Racing



4x4 Mania: SUV is an interesting off-road racing game that will bring players countless excitement. If you want to challenge your limit, just download it now.

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